Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Salman Khan Trial

Salman khan and sanjay dutt case results would show whether law is same for all or there are some for whom laws of country are different than common man.

The hearing
of Salman Khan's bail in Rajasthan High Court has been delayed, today,
as Justice G. K. Vyas has refused to hear the case. Salman Khan's
sisters were present in the courtroom when the judge announced this

Some lawyers said that Justice Vyas was being partial,
when he listed Salman's revision petition for hearing today. The judge
has cited this as the reason for refusing to hear the case.

the case can be heard only after some other judge is appointed. The
appointment of judge for the case could at the earliest be in the post
lunch session in the court, but is being considered very unlikely by
some of the lawyers. The case is more likely to have its new judge

There is also a possibility that the court may ask for
the records of the case to be retrived. In that case the hearing of the
case may be further delayed to Monday. This could prolong Salman's stay
in jail.

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